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Ellen Mote is a trained metal smith, a rare quality to find in a new jewelry company. She crafts each piece carefully and with a level of detail that takes more patience than most have. Her unique designs are minimal yet nuanced enough to have a clear brand aesthetic.

When she came to us, she only used her initials for the brand, which create brand confusion and mispronunciation. With our strategy of selling herself as the artist behind her jewelry, we recommended using her iconic name as part of the rebrand. Based on these details, we set out to create a brand that spoke to these traits. The low contrast logo has chiseled edges that look hand-crafted, with subtle waves that reflect the subtleties of her jewelry. The photography art direction was chosen to bring in more hands and close-ups to showcase the handy work. The neutral tones were brought in to add warmth while still keeping the brand soft and minimal. Every design element elevates the overall brand and matches the careful craft behind her long-admired jewelry. 

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