Siren Media
is a premium fashion-forward creative design studio
We Are Siren Media

We stay up nights developing and designing, ensuring your brand is sweet, sophisticated and straightforward. We are always improving, examining and obsessing over our clients.

We are a full service agency of superwoman strength and cleverness. With world class strategic, analytic and creative professionals working side by side, we possess the uniquely powerful combination of intellect and fairy dust that yields iconic show-stopping solutions for our clients.

Siren Media is an agile team of artists, developers and doers. We build brands, capture images and construct websites with an enthusiasm for creating exceptional work for exceptional women.

The Siren Standards


A combination of qualities
that pleases the aesthetic senses.


A distinctive appearance, the design of clothing or form; a way of approaching a situation


Emotional or intellectual energy, the essence of embodiment.


pleasant, thoughtful, fresh;
highly satisfying or delightful


having a great deal of worldly knowledge and experience of fashion and culture


uncomplicated and easy to understand; honest and frank



An artist, entrepreneur, designer, and a genuine dreamer dedicated to helping women build brands they are proud of.



I'm Jasmine


An artist, entrepreneur, designer, photographer, and a genuine dreamer dedicated to helping women build brands they are proud of. 

Jasmine began her career in the fashion industry building her portfolio as a model. Beginning her career in front of the camera, she quickly learned what makes an outstanding image and a sophisticated brand.

She has since developed Siren Media to continue her vision of creating high-end quality imagery and design. Web and graphic design are just another passion of Jasmine’s creativity that she is proud to present to the world. Her extensive experience in design, business, and photography has led her to pursue pushing pixels into beautiful presentations on the web.

With each project, she works to develop the perfect photo and creative content from the initial concept through to completion by completely managing each detail from start to finish.

Jasmine is an artist and a feminist—both at heart and by degree. She has a strong passion for helping women and families as a Certified Domestic Violence Counselor. It has been her experience working in social services and fashion that has inspired her to combine the two distinct industries to empower women to thrive by developing their own businesses.

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The Bloom Essentials can be set up with a 2-month, 3-month or 4-month payment plan:

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